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I watched a dog die tonight.

Not in a controlled environment, drifting off with the push of a syringe. Not tonight.

Going through the motions of my evening commute, I was winding through a Friday-busy Beacon Hill neighborhood on my westward route home. I pulled up to one of the busiest through-intersections, eye-rolling a bicyclist taking up half a lane, realizing I'd have to wait out my chance to move around him.

Then it happened. A pedestrian crossing against the light in front of our path. And a single flash of fur following. A loud squeal. Harsh red brake lights. A thud. Two frightened, huge eyes framed by white fur. And then, a limp body hitting the ground.

Before I realized it, my car was stopped. My heart in my throat. My hand covering my mouth. Heat filling my eyes.

The bicyclist had thrown his bike on the sidewalk. The pedestrian - and owner - on the ground. One big breath moving a furry midsection up and then down. A second breath. No third breath. (come on, come on, c…

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