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The winter of our discontent

Here’s where it gets difficult. Trying to put my thoughts into coherent strings resembling sentences. Striving for some understanding, yearning for a clear path to take action. Waking up feeling hopeful, instead of this impending sense of dread. That probably reads a touch dramatic. But it’s just a way to materialize this nagging shadow that feels like it’s shrouding our national conversations and personal conversations during this winter of our discontent.

The holidays were a nice break to concentrate on family, and take a moment to go off grid. To be mindful and celebrate the love, light, silliness and positivity that being with my family represents. To appreciate having honest conversations that end with a hug, a clink of the wine glass, and an “I love you.” I miss the lightness I once felt, the forward-thinking. The hopefulness and positive mindset I had while planning.

Then there are mornings like this, where I turn on the news and it all feels overwhelming. I don’t understand it …

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